Business Summary
Excellence in Christ Centred Education
About Us

We are a Kindergarten to Year 12 school, situated on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW, catering for approximately 1000 students. Green Point Christian College seeks to offer schooling to children of families who wish to see Biblical principles and Christian values supported in their child’s learning. The College encourages the fullest possible development of the spiritual, social, intellectual, cultural and physical potential of each student.

We live in a challenging society and the world that your children inherit will be very different to the one your generation experienced. We believe it is critical that education be seen as more than academic excellence, as the spiritual, physical and social development of your child is also critical.

Our parents are a vital part of our community and have a special role to play in their child’s education. We view the College as an extension of the home and we are here to assist parents in the education of their children. Our College Vision shows how we intend to reach that goal…”Excellence in Christ centred education”. 

What We Do

We Aim to Prayerfully Pursue that Vision By:

  • Establishing Learning Skills for Life
  • Developing the Gifts of Students and Staff
  • Using Those Gifts in Works of Service
  • Confidently Believing in God’s Sovereignty
  • Accepting Salvation Through Jesus Christ
  • Trusting in The Bible as God’s Word
  • Inspiring Unity of Purpose
  • Ongoing Evaluation
  • Nurturing the Pursuit of Excellence