Grace Information Management

Grace: Always more.
Also known as
  • Grace Records Management (Australia) Pty Ltd
Business Summary
Information and records management services.
About Us

Secure and complete management of valuable business information. Grace takes care of the entire life cycle of your valuable business information to assist you to meet your legislative requirements. We offer services from digitisation, to secure storage that gives you convenient and authorised access, to the confidential destruction of your records.

What We Do
Our information management service provides the systems, processes and technologies to effectively manage your information electronically. Our trained specialists will guide you through every step of the digital conversion process while our Grace Data Centre provides an offsite, ultra-secure repository for storing and managing big data.

Our records service, is designed to manage your company's physical records, combining collection, transport, safe storage, retrieval and destruction. It goes without saying that your records are secure in our care. Our facilities are designed for the long-term storage of all types of information and benefit from the highest level of security. As a quality endorsed organisation, Grace is all about the security and confidentiality of your information.
What does Grace Information & Records Management offer that is different to my current supplier?
Grace is the only information and records management provider that runs a twice-daily standard transport service in metropolitan areas. Our drivers are employed and salaried by Grace and are not commissioned by contracting courier services. This allows us to always provide an exceptional service to our clients.
I would prefer to deal with a local supplier. Do you have other branches?
We understand that you’d like to keep your records nearby, which is why Grace Information & Records Management has opened a facility that’s local to you. In fact, our local clients enjoy a double benefit: Not only do they have the convenience of local storage, they can also take advantage of the cost savings and best practices of a national company.
Our records are maintained by each department, which works for us. So why would we need to store and catalogue with you?
Each department may catalogue differently to the next, and the quality of cataloguing can vary from person to person. Having your files catalogued and stored off-site allows for data integrity and consistency, as we have experienced data entry personnel that data-capture your records the same way every time. This means that if you are ever audited, your records will show quality record keeping.
At A Glance
Total information management solutions
Confidentiality, reliability, security
Data capture & storage services
Scanning & digitisation of hard copy documents
Scheduled & on-demand destruction
Notable Achievements
Certified Quality ISO 9001:2008
Information Security Management ISO 27001
Health & Safety OHSAS 18001