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Gold Star Self Storage is locally owned and operated. We are pleased to offer a high level of customer service, and our range of products and storage solutions.

Who Uses Self Storage?

Householders who are moving house, travelling, have insufficient space or just need temporary storage will find us ideal.

Businesses who have office records, excess stock, advertising or promotional materials can also utilise our facility. Allowing you to expand your business without expanding your premises.


Storage sizes

Our completely secure range of storage units means that your valuable items will be stored safe and sound.

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Guaranteed Peace of Mind

The price you pay to store may not be so cheap if your goods are missing when you go to get them. Make sure the facility you rent at has these following features.

Barrel Locks on the Doors:

Inexpensive pad locks are easily picked and normal pad locks are easy to cut with bolt cutters. Barrel locks recess into the door, leaving nothing to cut, and the cylinder keys used with them are almost impossible to pick

Removal Hire

Whether moving around the corner or out of town, Gold Star Self Storage can take the hassle out of your move with our removal truck hire. Complete with automatic lift, our truck is suitable for jobs big and small. Gold Star Self Storage can even supply everything you need to ensure your move is as easy as possible with accessories like hand trolleys, ropes, packing blankets and more.

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Super Archive Boxes (With Lids)

(360mm Length x 306mm Width x 260mm Height)

Ideal for archive storage as the bottoms are guaranteed not to fall out. Otherwise idea for dinner sets and valuable items.

Book/Wine Boxes

(408mm Length x 298mm Width x 431mm Height)

Great for books, glassware, tools, etc - items from drawers in desks, bathrooms and kitchens. Place heavier items in smaller boxes like the book/wine to make shifting easier.