About Us

At Gliderol, we have been providing our valued customers with state of the art garage doors for 40 years, designed to each customers individual wants and needs. So you can be confident that when you purchase a Gliderol garage door, we care about the quality of our products just as much as you do. With a range of garage doors designed to suit both modern and traditional homes, you can rest assured that your new Gliderol garage door will add strength, safety and style to your home.

With production facilities in every major capital city, Gliderol is able to produce and supply garage doors Australia wide. The benefit of all Gliderol garage doors being designed and manufactured in Australia means that you can trust that your garage door will be specifically made for Australian conditions from durable Colorbond® steel.

What We Do
  • Sectional Door
  • Residential Roller Doors
  • Timber Lock Doors 
  • Custom Doors
  • Commercial and Industrial Roller Doors
  • Motors & Operators
  • Other Products
How far away from my door will the transmitter work?
In general remote control transmitters will operate from much further than required. This can be as far as 50 metres. However, this can also be significantly reduced due to a number of building and environmental factors. As a rule Gliderol strongly suggest that all doors should be operated when they are in clear line of sight. The average opening or closing cycle time should be a matter of 12–15 seconds.
How long does the light on the control box stay on for?
The courtesy light housed within the control box is activated during opening or closing and stays on for approximately 60 seconds.
How much space will I need to fit my roller door?
Gliderol roller doors do by virtue of their construction require space to conceal the rolled up section of the door. On average the rule of thumb for domestic installations is that the door will occupy 450mm of space from the lowest point of the ceiling. Stand inside the garage or shed and look outward toward to street. Imagine the roller door sitting horizontally across the top of the opening. It's going to take up 450mm of space from the lowest point of the ceiling.