Glenvue Wholesale Nursery



410 Browns Road, Rye VIC 3941
About Us

Glenvue Wholesale Nursery has been selling plants at Rye on the Mornington Peninsula since 1996. We are a family owned and run business. We pride ourselves in growing a large range of plants that will suit local conditions.

Indigenous plants have become more popular in recent years. We grow a large variety of plants local to the Southern Mornington Peninsula. Also we grow many native and non native plants that will tolerate dry conditions.

About Us

In 2006 we decided to open our gates to the public and widen the range of plants we grow.

We have plants in tubes, 140cm, 200cm and 300cm pots. We also stock seedlings, herbs and a large range of bare root fruit trees in winter. We stock drought tolerant and drought resistant plants. Bagged products include potting mixes, compost and various mulches.

Native Plants

Indigenous Plants

Non Native Plants