About Us

About Glencore

Glencore is one of the world’s largest global diversifiednatural resource companies and a major producer and marketer of more than 90commodities. We are a major Australian employer, with over 16,300 peopleworking across industries that include coal, copper, cotton, grain andoilseeds, nickel, oil and zinc.

In2017 we contributed over $15.1 billion to the regional, state and nationaleconomies, by employing people, sourcing from local communities, and payingtaxes to our host governments. For more information, visit www.glencore.com.au

Townsville Operations

Our copper refinery in Townsville is one of the world’s leadingelectrolytic copper refineries with a capacity of 300,000 tonnes per annum,making it the largest in Australia. The refining process purifies copper anodeto 99.995% pure, high-quality copper cathode, which is trucked to the Port ofTownsville and loaded onto vessels for export.

Atthe Port of Townsville, Glencore manages and operates the Berth 8 shiploader inconjunction with storage and logistics facilities. Our port operationsrepresent a critical part of our integrated copper and zinc supply chain. Ourbusinesses explore, mine, process, transport, store and export copper andzinc-lead-silver commodities from our operations across Queensland to the restof the world. We store, handle and export a number of own-source andthird-party products, including zinc and copper concentrates, fertiliser (onbehalf of Incitec Pivot Limited) and small amounts of lead concentrates.