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Off-Road Vehicles

Within the Shire of Gingin, there are two areas Gazetted under the Control of Vehicles (Off-road Areas) Act, where, along with road registered vehicles, vehicles not registered for on-road use are permitted.

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All About Gingin

With its significant coastline and permanently flowing water courses of the Moore River and Gingin Brook, the Shire of Gingin is a unique and exciting place in which to live and visit.

The town of Gingin, 84km north of Perth, is one of the oldest in the state and is becoming a popular point of call for travellers on day trips from Perth.

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Covering and area of 3,325 square kilometres and with a population in excess of 4,500, the Shire of Gingin is one of the fastest growing and developing rural shires in Western Australia, and its strategic location to the immediate north of the City of Wanneroo ensures that it will continue to experience significant growth and change.