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We are leaders in criminal defence and professional misconduct cases, and are the lawyers of choice for those that want private legal representation of the highest quality and skill. We are listed by Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Profession as a First Tier Leading Criminal Law Firm of Queensland. We can help you in any type of criminal or misconduct matter. We have a very deliberate approach to our work of quality rather than quantity. With a focus on a very high standard of service and attention to detail, our lawyers consistently achieve great results for our clients. 

We understand that our clients are often facing the most challenging period of their lives, and our service delivers not just an expert knowledge of the law, but also exceptional care and commitment on a personal level, and ultimately, the best possible results. We explain things in a way that clients can readily understand, and assist clients in understanding their options and in making decisions. We can help you – from the smallest traffic issue through to the most serious criminal charge.

Our team is headed by Managing Director, Glen Cranny, who is recognised as one of Queensland’s leading criminal lawyers. We believe that the best quality legal representation is a combination of superior legal knowledge and a genuine personal commitment to clients. That’s why our lawyers are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable; they are also understanding and approachable. We are here to advise and support our clients in every stage of the criminal justice process.

We are experts in criminal defence, including offences of violence, sexual offences, drug offences, fraud and dishonesty offences, confiscations &proceeds of crime, domestic violence, child welfare matters (DOCS) and Commonwealth offences. We have expertise in all traffic matters from minor offences through to dangerous driving causing death. We also have a strong practice in corporate crime, including ASIC offences and work, health and safety prosecutions. We have exceptional experience and skill in all areas of professional misconduct matters including disciplinary investigations &hearings, show cause proceedings and CCC investigations & hearings. We also have expertise in coronial inquests.