GenesisCare Centre for Radiation Oncology - Bedford Park

Also known as
  • Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre

Bedford Park

More Locations

Flinders Private Hospital, 1 Flinders Drive, Bedford Park SA 5042

Business Summary
Treatment is at the core of all GenesisCare centres, along with a belief that patients with cancer should have access to the best treatments available.
About Us

Better care through experience
Our care teams treat a diverse range of cancers every day with the latest technology and access to global experts across our network. We want to bring this quality experience to more people.

Designing better care through innovation
We’re always investing in the latest proven treatment technologies. Targeting cancer while protecting healthy tissue and minimising harmful side-effects.

Taking better care personally
Our cancer treatment is designed around you, and we take a holistic approach to deliver better care. We treat the person, not just the cancer, so our care may also include access to counsellors and exercise programs.

Better care. Faster
We understand that you want answers - fast. That’s why we offer “no wait” consultations with our radiation oncologists.