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Business Summary
Gaywool...... A Colourful History
About Us

Gaywool have created a diverse selection of colours suitable for the experienced fibre artist or those who are just beginning their creative journey.

Gaywool Originals & Bush Blends are high quality dyes, quick & easy to use with a wide palette of colours.

We also introduce the well-known Lanaset Dye Range with their deep rich colours proving a popular choice of many fibre craft dyers.

Additionally, to diversify, we have selected a range of acid dyes which include the brighter colours such as Flavine & Rhodamine. We also add a selection of greens, yellows, blues & reds which are brilliant on long haired wools such as Alpaca, Mohair & Angora.

What We Do
  • Originals Dyes
  • Bush Blends Dyes
  • Lanasets Dyes
  • Acid Dyes
  • Auxiliaries
  • Colour Cards
  • Starter Kits