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GastroIntestinal Endoscopy offers the medical community and their patients, experienced, efficient and accessible endoscopy services, providing rapid access to routine GastroIntestinal endoscopic procedures without prior consultation with a gastroenterologist. Celebrating 30 years in 2015, GastroIntestinal Endoscopy gives you access to an experienced team of gastroenterologists with an enviable level of expertise.

 Patients require a letter of referral from their General Practitioner or Specialist and must be physically fit with no or few medical complaints and between the ages of 15 and 85 years to be suitable for Open Access Endoscopy. Colonoscopy with polypectomy and upper GastroIntestinal endoscopy are the procedures performed by the gastroenterologists on an ‘Open Access’ basis. Both colonoscopy and upper endoscopy may be requested at the same time if there is a referral with valid indications for both procedures.

“Our Mission at GastroIntestinal Endoscopy is to deliver experienced and accessible endoscopy services with the highest quality of healthcare standards to improve the health outcomes of patients and the communities we serve.”

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