Business Summary
Fresh Eyes works with people and businesses to build profitability, sales and growth using simple Action Plans.
About Us

After more than 35 years in business, I asked myself. "What have I liked doing the most?"

I pondered for ages. Was it business management? Was it sales, marketing or being an employer? Was it negotiating or customer services? Was it learning something new each and every day? It was ... the challenge, the struggles and the art of using all those disadvantages to my advantage. It had occurred to me I was good at 'using a fresh set of eyes' to cut through the clutter and and everyday confusion of business.

I was good at thinking outside of the square and so I decided to alter my direction...

I wanted a constant source of business challenges. Once I solved one set of problems, I would look for a new set of problems to attack. I wanted to become involved with the inner workings of other industries, other markets and other people's businesses.

I have a particular set of skills and I want to give them to other business owners and Managers. Talk to me today about how we can work together in developing Action Plans to increase profit, increase sales, generate more leads, improve conversion rates, customer satisfaction, grow business culture, improve productivity and put your organization on a solid track to a successful future.

What We Do
  • Flow of Business Is 'Clunky'
  • Need Better Team Dynamics/Productivity
  • Sales Not What They Should Be