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About Us

Since 1990, Freedom Foods has been making yummy, healthy, allergen-free food for more and more happy eaters.

We're here for our health-conscious, allergen-conscious customers because we believe that everyone deserves great food free from the stuff you don't need and full of the stuff you do!

Brands like Freedom Foods, Norganic, Crunchola, Australia's Own, So Natural and a2 Milk are just some of the names that Aussies, and many others abroad, have grown to love and trust.

Our Foods

Many of us love the word free, especially when it follows words like gluten or nut. Our foods are free from the things you don't need and full of the things you do!

We're so careful about everything we use in our products that we also keep it free from excessive amounts of bad stuff like salt and sugar.

We want to tell you everything

If you want to decide what food's best for you, you need all the info you can get about every ingredient we use and why we use it. Honesty is the Freedom Foods' promise. So if there's anything at all you want to know about our products, take a squiz at our Frequently Asked Questions. If it's not there, drop us an email and we'll send you the answer.

How We Do It

It all starts at our home, a.k.a. our 'free from' factory in Stanbridge. It's a special place in the Riverina free from wheat, sesame seeds, barley, triticale and all nuts. We handle every ingredient with the necessary 'TLC'.

Actually with some ingredients we watch over the entire process from sourcing at the farm to milling in our 'free from' home. That way we know exactly what ingredients we're using and every product can get our tick of approval.

How We Do It

Healthy Stuff

Food Allergies

A food allergy is an abnormal immune response to a particular food, called the allergen. When the allergen is ingested, the body recognizes it as a foreign substance and produces antibodies that trigger inflammation and other reactions such as

swelling, hives, stomach upsets and a dry throat. In severe cases, a food allergy can result in an anaphylactic reaction, which involves the breathing and circulatory system, and can be life threatening.

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