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About Us

Frankston Toyota has its origins in a small filling station on Wells Road owned and operated for many years by local identity Murray Macintosh. Purchased in 1978, the business quickly became a major Toyota, Rambler, Volkswagen and Triumph dealership, evolving in the 1980s into a specialist Toyota and Mercedes Benz operation.

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New Cars

Take a look at our comprehensive display of Toyota vehicles - everything from the new Camry in its race inspired SE, impeccable XLE or ultra-efficient Hybrid versions and the forward-thinking 2006 Prius with Hybrid Synergy Drive, to the feature packed Yaris and the rest of the great Toyota lineup!

New Cars

Used Cars

Every vehicle on display has been checked over and approved by our expert technicians. If you're looking for the best value for money, this is where to find it.

Used Cars


The factory-trained technicians at the Frankston Toyota Service Centre have two missions in life - to keep your Toyota running like a new car throughout its working life, and to get the very best results from their million-dollar-plus suite of hi-tech diagnostic equipment.

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