Fair Work Commission

Australia's national workplace relations tribunal
The Fair Work Commission can set the safety net of minimum wages and employment conditions.
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The Fair Work Commission is Australia's national workplace relations tribunal. It is an independent body with power to carry out a range of functions including:

  • Providing a safety net of minimum conditions, including minimum wages in awards
  • Facilitating good faith bargaining and making enterprise agreements
  • Dealing with applications in relation to unfair dismissal
  • Regulating how industrial action is taken
  • Resolving a range of collective and individual workplace disputes through conciliation, mediation and in some cases public tribunal hearings
  • Functions in connection with workplace determinations, equal remuneration, transfer of business, general workplace protections, right of entry and stand down.

The work of the Commission is carried out by Commission Members, overseen by the President, with the support of administrative staff.

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