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Welcome to F. Mayer Imports, importer and national Australian distributor of over 1000 Premium Gourmet Food Products in the dry, chilled and frozen food categories. With over 53 years of experience and innovation in the development of The Finest Collection of Superb Gourmet Food Products available in Australia, we thrive as one of the market leaders.

We strive for excellence in service, logistics and brand management, while providing the finest premium range of gourmet food products to the Australian marketplace which we are constantly updating to keep abreast of the food industry's ever changing palate.






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  • ACETO BALSAMICO DEL DUCA SRL - manufacturers of Balsamic Vinegars.
  • ARLA FOODS - is the largest dairy company in Europe.
  • BARILLA - is the largest producer of pasta in the world.
  • BATTISTERO - produces only very high quality cakes for recurrences thanks to the selection of the best ingredients and to the very careful production process.

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Food Service

Why F MAYER IMPORTS for Food service?

F Mayer Imports are a large importer of Foodservice products in Australia. Each member of our team is committed to being challenged and meeting the demands of the new breed of "Foodie" throughout the Foodservice Industry.

Who we service.

We service a large area which includes:

  • Hotels
  • Cafes/Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Aged Care
  • Manufacturing

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