Eastern Spreaders Pty Ltd

Also known as
  • NDE Vertical Mixers
  • Marshall Spreaders
About Us
What we do

Suppliers of Marshall & Crump fertilizer spreaders. Feedmixers & mills. Hay & Silage feedout equipment. Yeomans plows. Toolboxes. Spare parts & workshop service. Fertilizer supply & spreading service.

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Products & Services
  • Fertiliser Spreaders
  • New Concept Roller Mills
  • Boomerang Twin Bail Feeders
  • NDE Vertical Feed Mixers
  • Faber Heavy Duty Tool Boxes
  • Near Concept Roller Mills
  • Roto Wiper Weed Wipes
  • Grounder Vertical Feed Mixers

Payment Methods

Our payment methods are all Bank Cheques ,Personal Cheques, Internet Transfers & Cash are accepted.

Contact Details

Contact us now or visit us at

9508 Murray Valley Hwy

Kerang VIC 3579

Phone: (03) 5450 3077

Alternatively if you have any queries click here to email us now and one of our qualified friendly staff will get back to you at their earliest convenience.

Opening Hours

Eastern Spreaders Pty Ltd opening hours are from;

Monday- Friday

8:00 am - 5:30 pm


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