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About Us
About Us

The Eastern Heart Clinic was first established at the Prince Henry Hospital Campus in 1991 by the cardiologists who still own and manage the Clinic today. Being doctor owned and enjoying a very stable management team we are able to provide a consistent clinical focus which translates into the best results for you

We are a leading group of health professionals who diagnose and treat patients with heart disease, as well as patients with blockages in the circulatory system. We use angioplasty and stents to treat narrowed or blocked arteries around the heart. Permanent pacemakers and implantable defibrillators are also routinely inserted in the Cath lab.

Our Team

You will have access to a team of cardiologists, a specialised nursing team and support staff who are committed to you achieving the best possible outcome. We work hard to attract and retain the best staff for your care.

The standard of the Eastern Heart Clinic credentialing of Cardiologists is excellent. We carefully review applicants' skill and experience prior to delineating exactly which procedures, if any, they are able to perform in our facility after comparison to the current guidelines from the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand.

Our Facilities

Eastern Heart Clinic is well known for its work on minimising radiation dose to our patients, working with companies such as GE, Siemens and Philips to optimise machine settings. At both Sutherland and Eastern Heart Clinics patients receive a much lower dose of radiation than the average machine world wide, an achievement we are proud of.

The Clinic provides a diagnostic and interventional service to public and private patients. We hold contracts with the local Area Health Service for public patients.

For private patients, we are a 'no gap' facility with all the major health funds, however you may have a small excess to pay to your fund depending on your cover.


Procedural Cardiologists

Your own doctor may not necessarily do the procedure. We have cardiologists who specialise in doing angiograms, angioplasties, implanting pacemakers and performing radiofrequency ablation for arrhythmias.

Chris Alexopoulos | 65836233

Roger Allan | 9650 4959

Con Arronis | 9387 8100

Gregory Cranney | 9650 4959

Daniel Friedman | 9398 2543

Robert Giles | 9382 0768

Nigel Jepson | 9387 8100

Antony Lau | 9467 5900

Joseph Matthews | 9540 8555

Lincoln Lee | 9398 6666

Mark McGuire | 9519 5922

Sze-Yuan Ooi | 9650 4959

Mark Pitney | 9525 9266

Laurence Schneider | 9387 5500

Suresh Singarayar | 9588 6636

Warren Walsh | 9650 4959

Clinical Cardiologists

David Brender | 9398 3259

Anthony Freeman | 9398 2543

John Lambros | 9398 2543

Gita Mathur | 9650 4959

Statistics & Results

High volume of cases, specifically in coronary intervention, has been shown to give the best success rate. Annually, the Clinic performs approximately 4000 procedures.

The use of stents after Angioplasty has increased with improvement in stent design and the new antiplatelet treatments. Currently stents are deployed in more than 95% of Angioplasty cases.

Overall results and any complications are reviewed quarterly, revealing excellent clinical results to date. At these sessions we pride ourselves on critical discussion so techniques can be continually improved.

We are dedicated to improving our clinical results and we can only do this with the assistance of our patients. Each patient receives a leaflet outlining our approach.