About Us

East Grampians Health Service is based in Ararat and Willaura and takes its name from the magnificent mountain range that provides a backdrop to both townships.

Formed in 1995 by the merger of the Ararat and District Hospital, the Willaura and District Hospital and John Pickford House, East Grampians Health Service (EGHS) is committed to providing quality care and services that meet the needs of the community, whilst continuously striving for improvement and aiming to lead the way in provision of health related services.

What We Do
  • Inpatient/Acute Services
  • Aged Care Residential Services
  • Community Services
  • Private Patients
  • Health Information
  • Child Safety
  • Patients, Residents, Clients Right & Responsibilities
Can I go to theatre with my child?
Yes, you will be given appropriate theatre attire to wear in order to accompany your child to theatre whilst they are anaesthetised.
How long will it take for my cataract surgery?
Please allow up to 3 hours in total from your admission time and ensure your driver is aware of this
What medications can I take on the day of my surgery?
It is recommended that you contact your surgeon or anaesthetist in regards to taking your regular medications prior to your surgery.