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East Gippsland Shire Council provides governance and leadership for the local community through advocacy, decision making and action. It is responsible for the delivery of over 100 Local Government services to the residents of East Gippsland.

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Business and Tourism

Welcome to East Gippsland, home to tranquil lakes, sandy beaches, ancient forests and limestone caves and the rugged beauty of the High Country. Whether you have a day, a weekend, a month or a lifetime there are many reasons to visit this magical corner of Victoria.

There is a wide array of things to do and see in East Gippsland with activities and experiences to satisfy every visitor.

Cruise the calm inlets of the famous Gippsland Lakes or catch a wave at Ninety Mile Beach; bushwalk in pristine Croajingolong National Park, visit the Buchan Caves or legendary Snowy River, or drive the spectacular Great Alpine Road. Find out more about what East Gippsland has to offer


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Community Laws

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Planning and Building

Planning is a way to ensure that economic, social and environmental matters and impacts are considered and managed as places change. For example, there are different areas where houses, shops, pubs, parks, farms, factories and roads are located. Planning is how the community tries to put these different land uses and developments in the right places.

The planning process should achieve fair, orderly and sustainable land use and development outcomes.

The use, development and protection of land in Victoria is controlled by the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The Act says that documents known as “Planning Schemes” are to set out the goals and rules about the use and development of land in each local government area.

Arts and Leisure

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Parks and Facilities

Forge Theatre and Arts Hub

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