Dogtainers Adelaide

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Business Summary
Dogtainers offers a tailored solution for your pet’s travel needs, with over 40 years of experience delivering reliable pet transport across Australia and the world.
About Us

We are animal lovers like you … we are proud to have dog trainers, animal behaviourists, Animal rehoming volunteers, vet nurses and all breed Dog show judges, amongst our 70 plus staff located right across Australia.

Dogtainers has Australia’s largest owner operated pet transport network and the only pet travel company to have our own offices and staff located in every state in Australia plus the Northern Territory.

Dogtainers first started moving pets when we assisted Ansett Air Freight with the technicalities of pet travel way back in 1971. At that point we were known as “Dog Containers” which eventually shortened to Dogtainers. From this time Dogtainers started to grown into a true national network that we are today.

Dogtainers is Australia’s most experienced pet relocation company, handling the responsibility of safely transporting pets throughout Australia and the world since 1971. We offer trusted and reliable pet travel solutions, so you can be sure that whether your animal companion is travelling domestically within Australia, internationally to a new and exciting overseas destination or coming home to Australia, we have a service and the expertise that is right for you and your animal. Transporting pets safely and comfortably is what we do all day every day.