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Business Summary
Can I claim from my private health insurance for a consultation?
No as it is an outpatient service. Your health insurance will only cover inpatient or day admission stays.
Can I claim on the payment for the nurse appointment/prep kit?
It is not claimable through Medicare. It may be claimable or partially claimable through your private health insurance however not every fund will do this. You will need to phone your health fund for more information.
Can I have chocolate whilst on the low fibre diet?
You can have plain chocolate (i.e. no nuts/fruit)
Can I have sugar whilst on the clear fluid diet?
Is white wine a ‘clear fluid’?
Yes, white wine is classified as a clear fluid however you can only have one standard glass per day (as per the low fibre diet).
Can I take pain killers whilst on the low fibre diet and/or clear fluids diet?
Yes, you can take paracetamol (eg. Panadol) while on clear fluids or on the morning of your procedure with a sip of water. No other pain medication is recommended (you can discuss this further with the practice nurse if required).
Do I need a referral?
Yes. To obtain a rebate from Medicare you require a current referral. Most referrals come from a GP or a specialist. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure there is a current referral on file.
Do I need to see the nurse before a colonoscopy?
Yes. If it has been 12 months or longer since your last colonoscopy with Digestive Diseases Queensland, it is practice policy for you to have a consultation with our practice nurse a minimum of 5 days before your procedure.
How do I obtain the results following my procedure?
Your referring Dr will receive copies of all reports and results. If further discussion or investigation is required, one of our Drs or our practice nurses, will be in contact with you post procedure.