Delta Electricity

Wholesale Generator Of Electricity Using Coal, Hydro and Biomass
Also known as
  • Sunset Power International Pty Ltd

Mannering Park

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Business Summary
Our mission is to generate electricity safely, reliably and competitively while respecting our workmates, customers, community and the environment.
About Us

Vales Point Power Station is owned and operated by Sunset Power International.

Vales Point Power Station on the NSW Central Coast is a leading electricity generator with an installed capacity of around 1,320 megawatts.

Vales Point is a coal-fired power station providing a reliable supply of 24-hour baseload electricity. Part of Vales Point's coal supply is co-fired with biomass to replace a proportion of coal with a renewable fuel.

Our generators produce around four per cent of the electricity needed by consumers in the National Electricity Market, comprising all states and territories except WA and NT.

Delta's vision is to be an energy company that is generating performance through innovation.

Our mission statement guides what we do and how we do it. It incorporates corporate values developed through staff consultation and the recognition that a sustainable energy business must balance the community need for energy against our operational impacts.