About Us

We offer a unique tour experience through the majestic Geikie Gorge, exploring not only the spectacular geography of the area, but also providing our guests with an insight into the Kimberley region's rich indigenous history and culture. Board one of our boats and hear timeless stories from the Dreamtime, learn surprising bush medicines and discover sacred sites as the

towering Geikie Gorge rock-face drifts by. Our tours cater for all timeframes and budgets, so browse our Tours page and choose your experience, or contact us to arrange a private charter.

About Us

Bill and Mary Aiken and our team of traditional Bunuba guides have operated Darngku Heritage cruises since 1999.

Most of our team is family. We are part of this land and part of the indigenous Bunuba people, so we provide a glimpse of the proud indigenous culture and heritage of the Kimberley through the eyes of its traditional owners.

We have always enjoyed taking people out and showing them the area and our ways of doing things. It is a great pleasure to see the younger visitors enjoying their time with us and attempting to do some of the old ways of the bush. On occasion our children and their children come with us and to see them and our guests mixing together is very rewarding.

Darngku - Geikie Gorge

The magnificent Darngku (Geikie Gorge) is part of an ancient barrier reef that developed during the Devonian Period, around 360 million years ago. Since the oceans receded, the mighty Fitzroy River has slowly gouged through the rock, forming the deep rippled walls that now tower spectacularly over the water.

While the waters of Darngku are generally placid, during the wet season the river can flood spectacularly with a flow of 30,000 cubic metres per second, making it Australia's largest river.

The unusual geography of the area has contributed to a unique ecosystem that includes abundant fresh-water crocodiles as well as the rare Leichhardt's sawfish and Coach-whip stingray.

Tours & Charters

Darngku tours run daily from April to Mid Dec (depending on weather and river conditions).

Client comfort and safety are important to us. Our guides carry two way radios with them for communication. Clients must wear covered footwear and have appropriate protection against the sun.

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