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What is Activia

Activia® is yoghurt with an exclusive probiotic culture Bifidus ActiRegularis, now available for the first time in Australia from Danone®. Bifidus ActiRegularis is a probiotic bacteria that has undergone clinical studies and is scientifically proven for its ability to survive in the digestive system.

Activia® is backed by 17 published scientific studies. It's also a delicious way to help improve your digestive comfort and put you back on track.

Activia® is made from fresh quality milk sourced from local Australian farmers. Activia® does not contain any gelatine, artificial thickeners or colours.

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Digestive Wellbeing

Is your system running smoothly?

A few simple adjustments in diet and lifestyle may be all you need to keep your digestive system in peak condition.

Seven Golden Rules for Good Digestion

1. Drink Water

2. Say goodnight!

3. Maintain meal times

4. Keep moving

Physical exercise.

5. Do as your Mother said! Chew your food

6. Focus on dietary fibre

7. Stress less

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Your Activia Story

Has Activia® with its Bifidus ActiRegularis™ helped to improve your digestive health? Are you feeling less bloated? Do you love the great taste? If so, we'd love to hear from you so share with us your stories and experiences.


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