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One-Stop Shop for Forklift Sales, Hire and Servicing.
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Damoli Forklift Services is a family owned and operated business that strives to offer exceptional customer service. With our team of qualified and highly experienced staff we are here to assist your organisation and we are proud to service your company; whether you have one forklift or many.

What We Do

Easier and more affordable

Regularly servicing your forklifts is essential to ensuring they last your business for years and years to come. And here at Damoli Forklift Services, we make it easier and more affordable than ever to do just this.

Based in Melbourne and servicing the whole of Victoria, our team of professionals can make sure that your forklift is kept in great condition with regular maintenance. Known for our exceptional customer care and high-quality results, you won’t be disappointed when you choose our forklift servicing for your machinery.

What type of gas do I need for my forklift?
Forklifts in most cases run on LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). Forklifts that run on gas must have a compliance plate displaying when the system was tested and who by. This compliance plate will identify the type of gas the unit should be using. The other type of gas that forklifts use is CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). LPG cylinders are removable from the unit and in special cases are delivered full on an exchange basis. Please note; these cylinders can not be filled at the pump at service stations.
Are there diesel powered forklifts?
Yes, diesel powered forklifts are available.
Are there forklifts that can be powered by petrol and LPG?
Petrol powered forklifts can be converted to run on both LPG and petrol. This installation has to be carried out by a licensed LPG mechanic.