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Manufacturers of Flour & Stockfeed
About Us

Cummins Milling is one of the oldest operating flour mills in Australia.

A family-owned mill, we are the only producer in Australia to have both flour and stockfeed production co-located, giving us both environmental and operational advantages.

We are also the only Australian mill to fortify flour through a batch mixing process, so our ingredients are thoroughly mixed with no variations between bags.

Whether we are providing stockfeed to a local farmer or flour to a national distributor, we are committed to making sure our service is:

  • Available - The owner of the business is extremely accessible, we offer an out of hours’ service and all calls are returned within 24 hours
  • Personal - The team at Cummins Milling is extremely down-to-earth and customers appreciate our friendly and supportive nature
  • Responsive - We tailor our products to suit your exact needs – listening and responding are two of our greatest strengths

It is the versatility of our state-of-the-art mill that allows us to easily tailor production to suit your exact requirements. Working in consultation with our customers to produce tailored products in commercial volumes is what we do best. For example, we produce softer flour for Indian cooking; offer six varieties of wholemeal flour; and we develop flour specifically for flat breads. On the stockfeed side, we often tailor sheep nuts to address particular mineral deficiencies that individual graziers may have and have developed three separate formulations to encourage growth in rodents.

Effective bulk storage is a priority and we are able to produce and store enough sheep, cattle or poultry feeds in bulk to fill a road-train. We also adopt pallet racking for the best results with these lines of products. Less than five years old, our storage facilities for packaged materials are extremely secure and clean.

What We Do


  • Bakeries
  • Food retailers
  • Flour distributors
  • Home baker


  • Livestock producers
  • Pet owners
  • Racehorse trainers
  • Stockfeed distributors
  • Stockfeed stores