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An Intriguing Fusion of Modern Innovation & Coopers’ Brewing Tradition
About Us

Coopers Brewery has a long rich history, which spans from its' origins in 1862 to the present day. Through the decades the brewery has seen many changes and has grown from strength to strength. Through the difficulties of the Great Depression of the 1930's and the turmoil of two world wars,

Successive generations of the Cooper family continued to brew fine ales, beers and stouts the natural, traditional way.

In more recent times, the family has balanced tradition with innovation. By 1997 it was apparent that the brewing operations at Lea brook could no longer sustain further growth and so the Regency Park site was purchased.

Home Brew

The easiest way to get into Home Brewing is to buy our Micro Brew Kit which has everything you need to make your first brew (except a can opener). We make 19 varieties of Home Brew Beer Kits - ranging from Lagers, Ales, Stouts and even Ginger Beer! One can of Home Brew will give 60 stubbies of beer-that's about two and a half cartons of beer!

Coopers Club

The Coopers Club provides an opportunity to join a group of like-minded people with a passion for all things Coopers. In 1996, Coopers Brewery established the Coopers Club in response to the considerable demand generated by drinkers and home brewers, who wanted to share their passion.

The Club's purpose was, and still is, to reward Coopers fans for their unwavering loyalty by making them part of the extended Cooper family.

What We Do
  • Sparkling Ale
  • Original Pale Ale
  • Dark Ale
  • Coopers Mild Ale
  • Coopers Premium Lager
  • Best Extra Stout
  • Extra Strong Vintage Ale
  • Coopers Premium Light
  • Birell
Where can I buy Coopers Home Brew products?
Our Micro Brew Kit is available at Big W, K Mart and On-line. Our Original Series, International Series and Brewing Sugars are available at Supermarkets, Variety Stores (Big W and K Mart), Home brew Specialist stores and On-line. Our Thomas Coopers Premium Selection, Brew master Selection and Malt Range are only available through Home brew Specialist Stores and On-line.
Is my brew fermenting?
Many home brewers wrongly assume that the yeast is not working because there is no bubbling through the airlock. The airlock is fitted to allow gas to escape and prevent micro-organisms and wild yeasts from entering the fermenter. Do not rely on the airlock as an indicator of fermentation activity.
My Brew is foaming over in the Fermenting Tub
Plenty of foam, although messy, is not a bad thing as it indicates healthy yeast and a strong fermentation. Excess foaming is more likely to occur when using ale yeast with darker brews and higher fermentation temperatures. Also seasonal variations may affect the barley (main ingredient in beer apart from water) causing more foam.
Why use a hydrometer?
Many brewers don't use a hydrometer and have never had exploding bottles. One day their luck will run out! Brewers Yeast is a living organism and, as such, may perform differently from brew to brew. We recommend the use of a hydrometer for checking that fermentation is complete before bottling. The hydrometer is a simple device which, when floated in a sample, gives an indication of the density of the brew.
How can I keep the temperature of my brew right?
Try to keep the brew at the lower end of the 21°C-27°C range. Some ways you can do this include storing the fermenter inside at ambient temperature, placing it in an insulated cabinet, wrapping it in a blanket, purchasing a seat belt or placing the fermenter in a tub/sink of cool water.
How do I determine the amount of alcohol in my brew?
The approximate alcohol content can be calculated by measuring with a hydrometer the density (known as Specific Gravity, SG) of the brew before it has started fermenting and once it has finished fermenting then plugging these two figures into a formula. It is important to stress that we, as DIY Brewers, can’t measure the alcohol content directly and this method is only an approximation of the percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV).
What are the two white clips for?
These are designed to secure the Lid and Krausen Kollar together, effectively making them work as the one unit. This prevents the lid from being pushed off by the foam of a particularly aggressive fermentation – an Imperial Stout fermentation, for example. How do I know when fermentation is underway? • Foaming • Cloudiness in the brew • A sample drawn from the tap is fizzy • The density has dropped to less than the OG.
Do you have an online version of the Brewers Log?
The brewers log is designed to be used over and over with the marker provided in the DIY Beer Kit. If you need a Brewers Log please call the Brewing Helpline 1300 654 455 or email To record your brews electronically join the Coopers Club or download the iPhone App.
How does this design ferment beer properly if there is no airlock?
Numerous commercial breweries, around the world, make excellent beer using open style fermenting vessels. So an airlock is not required but the DIY Beer Kit comes with a lid to prevent ingress of foreign organisms while allowing CO2 gas to escape.
Notable Achievements
Australian Liquor Industry Awards (ALIA)
2011 - ANZ BRW Private Business Award
2006 - Coopers Was Awarded the South Australian Premier's Food
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