Business Summary
Our growth is based on sharing our success with those that contribute to the process.
About Us

Construct Services specialises in repairs of buildings for major insurance companies and their appointed loss adjusters.

The business has and continues to develop relationships with insurance companies to find, develop and implement better ways of handling and repairing insurance claims on behalf of insurance companies.

Our clients all have their own specific way that they want to handle their claims and we build systems in order to achieve their unique requests within our overall structure.

Initially we receive instructions to inspect a claim, which may result in either a quote, report or a go ahead based on a prior arrangement or instruction. How we proceed depends on the type of claim, what we find when inspecting the claim and the instructions or arrangements with the insurance company which gave us the work.

Ongoing training of staff, insurance building inspectors and subcontractors in our ever evolving system, is the key to our growing success.

We have an arrangement involving shareholders to encourage and reward those prepared to contribute to our business growth.