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We have an end-to-end offer and a genuine national presence.
About Us

Investment Solutions
Our extensive experience in the property sector provides investors with the confidence to rely upon CIP's advisory and delivery expertise.

We have a number of development agreements with listed property trusts, in addition to joint venture development agreements with both listed and private companies.

As a result, we have undertaken developments around the country in conjunction with companies and institutions such as Australand, Macquarie Goodman, DB RREEF, Multiplex and Charter Hall.

CIP's approach to civil earthworks and pavement construction, an area that can constitute the greatest cost and program risk to an industrial project further stands the company apart. Our in - house civil engineers are involved throughout the design and delivery process to ensure each component, from sub - grade preparation and base course to efficiency in joint type selection,

Slab thickness and finish, meets or surpasses best practice construction for preventative maintenance.

These innovations ensure best programming outcomes are achieved for both the end user and owner, as well as long - term usability, enhanced serviceability and lowest 'whole of life' cost.

Previous Projects
CIP has a distinct national presence, having provided design and construction service right across the country. To see what projects we have completed in each state

Online Dashboard
The CIP online dashboard is a system that enables CIP's clients and employees to access essential information related to current and ongoing projects. This information may include contact details, publications, non -sensitive documentation and other basic resources. 

Solutions Planning
Whether your investment in a property is in the form of a long - term lease or as an owner - occupier or investor, CIP understands property fundamentals and will tailor a solution that suits your needs. Our team of property and construction professionals understand how property works for you -our tenants, clients and investors.

The process of developing a new facility for both in experienced and experienced operators can be a daunting and frustrating journey. By combining CIP's breadth and depth of expertise with highly focused management through a single point of contact, our objective is to make sure that your journey with CIP is financially successful with minimal aggravation.

What We Do