Commercial Fishermen's Co-operative Limited

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  • Fishermen's Co-op


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Wallarah Road, Gorokan NSW 2263

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The Commercial Fishermen's Co-Operative (formerly Newcastle District Fishermen's Co-operative) was formed in 1945 to service the needs of the local commercial fishers by way of providing fuel, ice, gas, cold storage, mooring facilities, transport and the marketing of the daily catch of seafood either locally or in Sydney.


Mangrove Jacks

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Hazmat Services

1/97 Hannell Street, Wickham

PO Box 36 Wickham, NSW 2293

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Ready Workforce

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Chandler Macleod


Why is seafood so healthy?

Seafood is a very important part of any healthy diet .In Australia we don't eat enough seafood. As a minimum, we should eat 2-3 serves of fish per week.

Fish is the best natural source of omega 3s fats. Omega 3s are a type of fatty acid. Omega 3 is a good fat, which are important for a healthy life.

They are important for brain development and to maintain a healthy heart. The best sources of omega 3s are salmon, trout, tuna, prawns and mussels. Omega 6s and iodine are also very important for general health, both found in fish.

Fish is one of the lowest fat, highest protein foods you can eat. Seafood has up to 100 times higher levels of these good fats than beef, lamb, pork or chicken.


There are currently 130 shareholder members who work independently in their fishing businesses either in the estuaries or on their fish/prawn trawlers depending on their individual endorsements. The catches are consigned through one of the Co-operative's seven receiving depots located over a 200km area between Tuggerah and Seal Rocks.

These facilities are sited at Gorokan, Tacoma, Swansea, Newcastle, Nelson Bay, Tea Gardens and Bungwahl with the administration office being located in Newcastle.