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Commercial Bulk Earthworks & Excavation Work
About Us
About Us

Harril P/L (Coburns Earthmoving) was established in Nyah in 1986 by Rob and Jill Coburn, and specialises in earthmoving such as dam construction and road-making. The business is now owned and operated by their son, Shane Coburn, making him the fourth generation of earthmovers in the Coburn family.

All employees are trained and updated in Occupational Health and Safety requirements and the company as a whole is committed to providing a safe working environment for staff and customers.



Quarry Materials

Garden Supplies

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We service the following regions:

  • Mallee
  • Wimmera
  • Riverina
  • Northern Victoria

We offer a high standard of work and have been serving the Mallee and surrounding regions since 1986.

Quarry Material

Coburns Earthmoving specialises in quarry materials such as:

  • Raw limestone
  • Spalls
  • Screened 100mm limestone Screened 25mm limestone Garden loam
  • Mallee sand


Coburns Earthmoving specialises in garden supplies including:

  • River sand
  • Quarry dust
  • Screened limestone
  • Boga crushed rock
  • Mallee sand

.................................and more

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