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Tourism in Outback New South Wales continues to increase and Cobar certainly has a great range of attractions to keep visitors in our town.

Cobar Shire Council's Tourism section provides a link to the accommodation section of the Local Business Directory so prospective visitors to town can easily access contact information and details of accommodation facilities within the town.

This section also provides useful information for visitors or residents on local attractions which reflect the town's mining and rural background.

A link to the Kidman Way website is also provided to give readers the access to view information on other towns surrounding Cobar along the Kidman Way.

The Cobar Background section has some historical information even the locals may not be aware of.


Visitor's Centre

The Great Cobar Heritage Centre is the former Administration Building (circa 1910) of the Great Cobar Copper Mine. The Centre captures the essence of Cobar, housing an outstanding collection of exhibits which date from 1869 to the present day. Inside the centre and amazing collection of artefacts reveal the extraordinary diverse local heritage of Cobar.


This section provides information specifically related to Cobar Shire Council. It includes information about Council such as its vision, mission, values and goals.

Ordinary, Extraordinary and Committee Meetings of Council, including the Finance and Policy Committee and Works Committee, agendas and minutes are provided online in this section for public information.

The public notices section is for information from Council relating to any of its activities. This information is also publicly advertised through local media.

Current rates, fees and charges and other relevant information is also available in this section along with copies of Council's current Annual Report, Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework documents and Policies and Codes

Our Town & Shire

Cobar Shire Council's Our Town & Shire section provides information on a variety of facilities and services that our town and shire have to offer.

Area of information includes Library Services, Family Day Care Services, Children's Services, Schools, Aged Care, Health Services, Mines, Transportation, Sporting Facilities and Villages.

The directories' search is not just limited to business or organisation names but also allows users to search the description of business/organisation activities therefore making it easy for users to identify the local businesses and community organisations that provide particular goods or services.