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Insolvency Services & Forensic Services, Valuation Services & Risk Services
About Us

A large proportion of Clout & Associates new clients have been referred to the Firm by practitioners involved in the Accountancy, Legal professions and Banking professions. These other professionals well understand that when an individual or business is in serious financial jeopardy, it is crucial to engage the services of specialists who do nothing else but this kind of work. Experience has also proven how important it is to get the experts on the job as soon as possible. This greatly improves the likely outcomes. Clout & Associates bring a vast amount of specialist expertise and practical on the job experience to any project. This means that you will not waste time and money on fruitless exercises which do little or nothing to advance your cause.

Services We Offer

Other Types of Services
Apart from formal insolvency services, Clout & Associates also offer:
  • Orchestrating informal arrangements with creditors
  • Monitoring businesses in "workout" situations
  • Conducting negotiations with secured and unsecured creditors
  • Internal control reviews
  • Small business courses
Why Choose Us?

You may need to protect yourself from creditors who are making your life a misery. On the other hand, you may need assistance with collecting an important debt which is proving to be troublesome. Perhaps you need to "risk proof" your hard won assets against the possibility of something going seriously wrong in your business activities or personal relationships. In any event, don't delay the recruitment of Clout & Associates onto your team. It may very well prove a godsend. Time is never neutral. It is either your friend or your enemy. In these types of situation time is invariably your enemy because exposure to unnecessary risk should never be tolerated.