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In 1861 Burke and Wills with King and Gray, were the first Europeans to come into the area on their ill fated expedition to the Gulf of Carpentaria. Burke named the river "Cloncurry" for his cousin, Lady Elizabeth Cloncurry of County Galway in Ireland. In May 1867, Ernest Henry (honoured as founder of the town and the vast mineral wealth of the district), came this way searching for grazing land, instead he discovered copper: he named this the Great Australia.

You're Council

This identity clearly articulates that Cloncurry Shire Council is focused on creating an improved future while remaining responsive to the current needs of the community as broadly defined. This identity shifts our focus from that of a provider or supplier of infrastructure including roads, water, sewerage, waste management and rates to one of articulating that Council has an increased focus on planning for the long-term needs of the community and more.

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Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure our business information is accurate and correct, it is the responsibility of each Business in the Shire to pass on the necessary information to allow Council to maintain this service effectively.

If you would like your business added or amended, please send us an email.


Cloncurry Equestrian Centre was a project that evolved out of a Recreation Ground Masterplan completed in 2010. The Masterplan was an opportunity to have a coordinated approach to develop the Sport and Recreation facilities in Cloncurry.

The existing Recreation Ground's was not coping under the stress of having a multitude of users at the facility. The grounds were also becoming out-dated and not able to deal with modern events and activities.


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Where to stay in and around Cloncurry...

Cloncurry can cater to everybody's taste in comfort and style of accommodation. With a large range of accommodation on offer such as camp sites, motels and hotels, you can be rest assured, wherever you choose to stay, you will be well looked after.