Business Summary
Classic Mining Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been specifically designed for the global mining industry with mining specific modules.
About Us

Classic is constructed as a modular ERP, meaning that its functionality is divided into separate, integrated modules each designed to assist different business requirements.

Our tailored software is designed to meet the individualistic needs of the mining, exploration, oil & gas and engineering industries. By delivering quality products with industry specific capabilities, Classic is a top performer and well respected in our field.

Our mission is to provide quality and affordable products, tailored to your company and your needs, with well-rounded and knowledgeable support throughout your endeavours.

We recognize that clients have different requirement at different times; therefore, we are able to provide the scalability you need. Being able to select modules from the Classic suite to meet your current needs provides a cost effective method of adopting a proven solution, with the security and knowledge that your investment can be up scaled when you require additional functionality without having to replace your system.