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Many of our members have a long lineage of professional fishing through generations of fishing in the estuary and surrounding ocean.
About Us

Adopting a delicate balance between commercial fishing, community interest and the environment, is one that members of the Professional Fishermen’s Association Inc. take very seriously.

Sustainability is the first and foremost issue on the minds of commercial fishers as their livelihoods are reliant on healthy fish stocks and healthy environments into the future. Off-stream impacts can and do have a dramatic impact on habitat and fish populations.

What We Do
  • Transparent policy formulation in collaboration with fishers;
  • Updates to fishers from stakeholder and vice versa;
  • Information on opportunities and developments;
  • Distribute information on matters of interest to fishers and matters of potential impact to fishers;
  • Information on opportunities and developments;
  • Updates fishers on the latest research and development findings and encourage the adoption of these;
  • A forum for negotiating on contentious issues;
  • Forums and support through initiatives such as the ‘Men’s Shed’ to address psychological, emotional, financial and social issues;
  • Assistance to access government exceptional circumstances programs;
  • Media representation for the local fishing industry;