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About Us

Clare Valley Veterinary Services has cared for pets and production animals throughout the Mid North of South Australia for more than a decade.

Its current owners, Dr Louise Lehmann and husband Jason, took over the Clare clinic on April Fool's Day in 2007 and a month earlier, set up the Jamestown clinic, servicing clients as far as the Flinders Ranges.

Despite its inauspicious starting date, CVVS has thrived under the Lehmann's watch, growing to three full time veterinarians, four full-time veterinary nurses and two part-time nurses working between the two clinics.

Small Animals

In order for your service to be as prompt as possible we conduct consultations by appointment. Our clinic consultation times are 9:00am until 5pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am till 11:00am Saturdays at the Clare Clinic and 9:30am to 4:30 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at the Jamestown clinic.

Sometimes due to unforeseen emergencies your consultation may not be as prompt as usual. In these circumstances we are able to admit your patient to hospital in order to avoid prolonged waiting times.

Surgical Facilities

We have a purpose built, glassed in, surgical suite to make sure that the surgeries are performed as aseptically as possible. Animals are routinely induced with modern anaesthetic agents and maintained on isoflurane inhalation anaesthetic. Anaesthetic monitoring is considered paramount with a nurse dedicated to this role.

If your animal is booked in for a routine surgery we ask you to feed them dinner the night before no later than 7:00pm and then no food available until after their surgery. They can have water freely available. This reduces the risk of vomiting when your pet is under anaesthesia.

Clare Valley Veterinary Services

Cares for pets and production animals throughout SA's Mid North.

Our rural practice is a one-stop-shop for veterinary services ranging from vaccinations to orthopaedic surgery, in-house blood testing and digital x-rays. We also provide 24 hour emergency care.

Large Animals Equine Services

Field Surgeries

CVVS offers routine field surgeries including geldings, hernia repairs, entropian in foals, third eyelid flaps, lump removals and stitch ups. Superior patient care is considered to be paramount. Our clinic employs a number of nurses that have had extensive equine experience as well as a having completed advanced diplomas in horse husbandry and management.

These nurses are regularly present to perform anaesthetic monitoring for field anaesthesia.