About Us
Welcome to Charity Link

We are a collaborative charity which co-ordinates several appeals each year to encourage West Australian charities to work together.

Established in 2001, Charity Link is a registered charity which acts as a central fundraising and coordinating body to provide material aid via our 100+ ‘member’ charities to West Australians experiencing financial hardship and/or crisis.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a future where all West Australians have the material things they need and the opportunity to achieve their full potential. As such, Charity Link aim to foster an environment of team work by adding value to those organisations supporting families and individuals in crisis, while promoting opportunities for all Western Australians to be involved in our appeals.

How You Can Help

By supporting Charity Link you¿ll assist more than 100 charities to make a difference to thousands of West Australians in crisis or facing financial hardship. Find out more.

Seeking Support

Looking for support at a difficult time? Charity Link can put you in touch with a local organisation that may be able to help. Help is just a click away.