About Us
About Us

Central West Family Day Care is a unique, quality child care option for young children 0-12 years. It is provided in the premises of registered Educators who are supported by qualified and experienced staff in the local coordination unit.

Central West Family Day Care aims to provide children with high quality care that best promotes their learning and development. To ensure that children in Family Day Care have stimulating, positive experiences and interactions that foster all aspects of their development we continually measure and improve our service through the National Quality Frameworks and Standards.

Services We Offer

The hours of care with educators are flexible and can be matched to your family's needs. Central West Family Day Care is available to working and non-working parents.

Types of care provided include:

  • Full-time care
  • Part-time care
  • Casual care
  • Care for children of shift workers
  • Before/after school care
  • School holiday
  • Emergency
  • Overnight
  • Relief

Through observation and individual programming a range of experience and materials are provided to meet the needs and interests of every child. This planning is based on the National Quality Standards, the Early Years Learning Framework, and school-aged "My Time Our Place" framework, set out by the National Quality Framework, for all Early Childhood settings.

Enrolling Your Child

Families are asked to contact the Central West Family Day Care office either by phone or by calling in. Our Staff will provide you with the "Information Pack for Families" which contains enrolment details and important information related to using our service. At this time you will also be referred to available educators, who will suit your families individual needs.

When enrolling your children you need to provide us with your date of birth & Customer Reference Number (CRN from Centrelink/FAO) and also your child's/children's. To enable a smooth transition into care, parents & children are advised to visit their selected Educator at their premises prior to commencing care to become familiar & comfortable with the Educator & Environment.

Why Choose Us?

FDC Values

Central West Family Day Care prides itself on the values it maintains.

  • Create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, trusting and respecting each other.
  • Commitment to sharing information
  • Frequent and effective communication
  • Openness, understanding of other's perspective
  • Share responsibility/partnership
  • Respect all ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds