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About Us
About Us

Centacare: Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton is a large, vibrant and well respected community organisation providing services across the Central Queensland region: from Mackay in the north; to Bundaberg in the south; and west to Longreach.

Our primary focus is the delivery of compassionate yet professional social services to all through education, counselling and community support - to encourage and strengthen individuals, couples and families to continue to develop and grow.


Mission Vision & Values

Our Mission

Centacare is called by the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton to share in the healing ministry of Jesus by providing professional community services to enhance the wellbeing of individuals and families.

Our Vision and Values

Centacare's vision is to provide quality professional community services to those in the Diocese of Rockhampton.

We value:

  • Our Christian ethos and the principles of Catholic social justice.
  • People, positive relationships and teamwork.
  • Achieving results for our clients and being accountable for our actions.
  • Creative thinking and responsive, innovative service delivery.
  • Efficient organisational systems and effective stewardship of resources.


Find out more about the many services Centacare can provide to you and the community.

If you require further information please call 1300 523 985 or email admin@centacare.net

Centacare Programs fall into four main categories.

Please follow the links below to find our more about the services which fall under each category:

Each site provides some or all of the services that fall into these categories.

Centacare welcomes community members to attend a number of educational and informative events. To find out more click here.

Support Us

Centacare is a not-for-profit organisation supporting our local community. All our profits go back into servicing our community.

We rely on the generosity of the government, funding bodies, church and members of the community to continue operating.

You can support us also by volunteering,donating or leaving a bequest.

For more information please contact the Diocesan Administration Office on 07 4931 3699 or email admin@centacare.net

Corporate psychological services for your employees
ACCESS Programs partners with organisations to promote positive organisational behaviour, enhance individual well-being and improve workplace productivity. We do this by providing Employee Assistance Programs which include professional counselling and related organisational support services.
Your Employee Assistance Program
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, voluntary and confidential counselling service provided by your employer. The aim of this service is to provide counselling services for both work and personal problems that may adversely affect the performance and wellbeing of employees.
ACCESS Programs can help with the following issues:
Work related problems - Workplace harassment and bullying - Personal and work trauma - Depression / Anxiety - Relationship difficulties - Child / Family issues - Grief - Anger problems - Substance abuse issues - Financial and gambling issues - Other work related or personal problems.
ACCESS Programs - Employee Assistance Contracts
If you would like to contact us in relation to having an Employee Assistance contract with Centacare please phone the free call number 1800 725 938.
Confidentiality and Privacy
Counsellors are independent of your employer and committed to maintaining your confidentiality. They will not disclose information you have shared unless you request it and authorize them to do so in writing. Your employer does not need to know that you have sought counselling.
ACCESS Programs' counsellors are qualified and experienced. Our counsellors use short-term, solution focused counselling techniques.
How do I make an appointment?
Phone your nearest Centacare Office and they will ask you some basic questions in relation to yourself and your workplace. A confidential appointment will then be offered to you with a counsellor at a time that is convenient for you.