About Us
About Us

Mix it with the best

Whether you're a customer or an employee of Cement Australia, you'll be mixing with the very best.

An icon of the Australian cement industry, Cement Australia is the nation's leading supplier of cement products and services.

With a world-class reputation and an unmatched depth of experience, we deliver a broad range of competitive products and services.

Our team of over 1100 talented people supply major concrete producers, building and engineering contractors, leading retail building suppliers and some of the nation's largest mines.

With the largest dedicated distribution network in the country, our customers can depend on us to deliver.

Products & Services

Everything you need and more

Whether you're concreting your driveway or building a bridge, Cement Australia has the products and services needed for a perfect result.

Cement Australia offers a broad range of competitive products and services - from bulk and packaged cement to alternative fuels and waste management.

Cement Australia also offers technical expertise through our world-class laboratory and testing services.

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Sustainable Development

Sustaining our future

Cement is a vital commodity for the Australian economy, not only as a critical part of any infrastructure development, but also as a leader in resource recovery and reuse - in both cases providing significant economic and social benefits.

Cement Australia is focused on delivering increasingly sustainable cement products to future generations. We understand the need for a social licence to operate - this is at the core of our sustainability strategy.

Local Communities

Mixing with our communities

Just as Cement Australia products form the foundations of Australian homes and infrastructure, Cement Australia also plays an important role in the communities in which we operate.

Our two major plants - Gladstone and Railton - are based in regional areas, and our employees form a significant presence in their local region.

It is important to us that we have a strong relationship with these communities.

Cement Australia has established Community Consultative Groups in each of these regions to liaise with the community on relevant environmental, social and economic issues through regular, open and cooperative communications.

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People & Careers

Work with the best

As the largest supplier of cement products and services in Australia, Cement Australia employs over 1100 people based in world-class facilities across our vast network.

The images you see on our website and those used in our recruitment ads are of Cement Australia people. We are proud of the diversity of skills and talents across our business.

We believe in building on this leadership through our people. This strategy includes:

  • Attracting people who demonstrate capability and talent
  • Investing in the development and transfer of skills
  • Creating a centre of knowledge and specialist skills
  • Accessing the worldwide industry excellence of our shareholders
  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace

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