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About Us
Welfare Services

CatholicCare Tasmania delivers a broad range of specialised and professional support, counselling, accommodation, emergency, advocacy, education and training services throughout Tasmania.

Its particular strength is in the family centred approach, recognising that whatever impacts on a family impacts on the children in specific ways.

It recognises that children can be major casualties in family disruption and that listening to the voice of children impacts on the long-term consequence for all involved in resolving family conflict.

Services are available to all without discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race religion, physical disability, marital or social status

  • Family & Relationship Counselling (State Wide)
  • Specialised Domestic Violence Service (South)
  • Changing Abusive Behaviour (CAB) (State Wide)
  • Children's Services (State Wide)
  • Family Relationship Education & Skills Training (State Wide)
  • Communities for Children - Burnie (North West)
  • Family & Child Mediation (North West)
  • Family Dispute Resolution (North West)
  • Family Life Education

  • Natural Family Planning (NFP) (State wide)
  • Adoption (State wide)
  • Transitional Support Service (North & South)
  • Private Residential Tenancy Support Service
  • C.H.I.L.D (Children & Homelessness, Intervention, Learning and Development) (Statewide)
  • Family Support Programs (South)
  • Personal Support Program (State wide)
  • Integrated Humanitarian Support Service (South)
  • Settlement Grants Program (South)

Children's Services

Children communicate differently to adults our counselling program utilises art & play to assist children to communicate their feelings & experiences & advocate them to their parents.

* Kids' Express

Kids' Express offers an 8 week group program that helps children understand, manage and express strong emotion. For children aged 6 - 11.

Family Life Education

Program designed to:

  • assist parents, as the first educators of their children, in the area of sex and sexuality; and
  • promote positive sex education programs for schools and the community.