Business Summary
CatholicCare is an inclusive organisation committed to helping anyone in need regardless of religious beliefs.
About Us

CatholicCare is the social services agency of the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong, covering the Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Macarthur and Southern Highlands Regions.

We Work with the Whole Community, Supporting People To:

  • Have Positive Relationships and Connected Lives;
  • Achieve the Dignity of Self-reliance; and
  • Realise Their Full Human Potential

We advocate for social equality and prioritise the needs of the most vulnerable.

Our services include counselling, foster care, family support workshops, ageing and disability programs and support, marriage & relationship education, children's contact and more.

CatholicCare Offer a Range of Services:

Children & Youth Services

  • Foster Care
  • Children's Contact
  • Testimonials
  • FAQ
  • Resources

Family & Relationships

  • Counselling
  • Workshops
  • Marriage & Relationship Education
  • School, Student & Family Program (SSFP)
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Chaplaincy in Juvenile Justice
  • Testimonials
  • FAQ
  • Resources

Ageing & Disability

  • Your Life Your Way - Home Care Packages (Aged Services)
  • Community Visitors Scheme (CVS)
  • Your Direction (Disability Services)
  • 'Your Time' Career Counselling
  • Family & Sibling Support (SIBS)
  • Your Direction - Respite and Social Support
  • Aged & Disability Advocacy
  • Aged Care Advocate
  • Disability Advocate
  • Testimonials
  • FAQ
  • Resources

Our Mission, Vision and Values:


Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we seek to bring joy to those we serve by enabling growth, healing, and hope. By delivering effective and high quality social services, CatholicCare helps to build the social and emotional wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.


For inclusive, thriving communities where the human dignity of all is respected and valued.


Empowerment - assisting clients to build confidence, foster hope and courage to make their own life choices.

Integrity - being accountable for our actions, conducting ourselves and our business honestly and ethically.

Safety - providing an environment that safeguards the holistic health and wellbeing of clients and employees.
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CatholicCare's Affordable Counselling Service Provides Support to Children, Adults, Couples and Families Who Are Experiencing:

  • Grief and Loss
  • Family & Relationship Difficulties
  • Stress/Anxiety/Depression
  • Changes in Personal or Family Situations

Our skilful and compassionate counsellors are qualified professionals experienced in couple, family and individual counselling.

We Can Provide:

  • Support in Difficult Times
  • A Listening, Independent Ear
  • Help with Recognising and Building on Strengths
  • The Opportunity to Gain New Perspectives and Insight into Problems
  • Strategies for Coping with Stress and Major Life Changes

We also provide case management services to families following separation - please contact our office for more information on eligibility for this service.