About Us

We are your complete, comprehensive, treatment plan focused dental surgery in Townsville, specialising in providing the highest quality dentistry in a modern designed, state of the art facility. Our team has vast experience in offering you and your family the highest levels of customer service in a relaxing, caring, friendly environment.

Your experience at Casey Dentists is very important to us. At Casey Dentists, it's total health, function and aesthetics.


About Us

In your first appointment, we call a New Patient Experience, we will obtain a detailed dental history, a complete dental, head and neck examination along with an oral cancer exam and all necessary records will be taken including digital radiography, photography and plaster models of your teeth.

Subsequent to your examination with the dentist, our treatment co-ordinator will present to you a detailed plan in our consultation room. All options and current up to date relevant treatments will be discussed in a professional, confidential manner.


Some of the more common procedures we manage at Casey Dentists are fractured teeth that have been extensively filled with dental amalgam and decay that is infiltrating under the filling, leading to softening of the tooth and dental pain. Dental Amalgam (silver fillings)has been common practice for over 100 years, due to their strength, longevity and relatively low cost.

However, these silver fillings tend to cycle the tooth between expansion and contraction leading to ultimate tooth fracture. Today at Casey Dentists, we use the latest tooth coloured filling materials called composite resins. Our dentists headed by Dr Casey follow the philosophy of the natural layering concept, which yields an exceptionally strong, aesthetic, beautiful tooth.

Case Studies

Heavily stained Composite Resin Veneers with missing lateral incisors. The case was designed from a diagnostic wax up to mask the missing lateral incisors. The end result is a stunning case of how to incorporate the use of Porcelain Veneers to enhance the smile.

The lateral incisor is poorly positioned and is called a "peg shape" lateral incisor. Following a diagnostic wax up we applied multiple layers of composite resin "tooth coloured" filling material to create a natural looking tooth that achieved a highly desirable outcome for the patient.

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New Patients

He New Patient Experience is your very first appointment with Casey Dentists. You will be welcomed to our practice by our Treatment Co-ordinator - Miss Rebecca Radford. Upon arrival make yourself comfortable in our guest lounge; with a bottle of Casey Dentists chilled water or a freshly brewed coffee, before Rebecca takes you on a guided tour of our practice.

After sitting and relaxing in our consultation room your dentist will sit with you to discuss your dental concerns and then escort you to the surgery for your full mouth examination.

In surgery, we will take a detailed medical and dental history. Your examination will initially focus on your primary concern and then develop into a full examination of your teeth, gums, jaw bone and TMJ.