About Us
About Us

Carnarvon Shire is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. Our site provides information and links for facilities and events and activities to ensure a safe and memorable holiday.

The Shire is host to a range of strong and growing industries. The Council is also responsible for the management of public tenders and other current and proposed development projects.

The Region

The Council

The Shire of Carnarvon is responsible for many regional services and facilities as well as important development projects.

Information on Councillors and Council Meetings is also available online.


The Carnarvon plantation area (161 plantations) includes about 1020ha of cropped horticultural land.

Vegetables are grown on about 570ha, 350ha are planted with bananas and 100ha with tree fruits.

The industry is valued at $51.3m.

The diversity of the produce grown in the area is considerable, some being tropical fruits, paw paw, mangoes, citrus, stone fruit, avocados, grapes and vegetable crops such as tomatoes, beans, capsicums and asparagus.

Land Use & Development

A fundamental role & function of the Carnarvon Shire Council is to plan, implement, administer and review the orderly and sustainable use and development of all land contained within the municipality.

It is a complex, comprehensive & time-consuming task, not always readily appreciated by the community at large & proponents of development, especially as to why it is needed and how the need arises.

In order to effectively and properly carry out its land use and development role and function, the Shire employs a principal town planner (Shire Planner).

The present incumbent is Anthony (Tony) Dowling, a qualified town planner with over 20 years experience in the field of town planning.

Events & Entertainment

The Gascoyne's diverse population, wide expanses and Carnarvon's central location, makes it an ideal place to hold a myriad of events throughout the year. A calendar of events is listed in the events section.

The weather is always perfect with an average of 26.6 degrees and the hospitality of the people of the Gascoyne is second to none.

To see what is screening at the Camel Lane Theatre, check out the entertainment section of our website.