Business Summary
Specializing in providing quality materials and personalized service
About Us

Carbone Bros objective is to deliver services and equipment which meet requirements of our client's needs to the highest standard possible, all personnel employed by Carbone Bros are aware of their responsibility to ensure that the customer is satisfied with all services and materials provided.

Carbone Bros is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy environment for all people at its offices and project workplaces. Our commitment is based on the principle of controlling risk to a level which is as low as is reasonably practicable to meet our legal obligations.

People at Carbone Bros workplaces are empowered to work together as a team, and each person is responsible and accountable for Safety and Health Management.

Together we will continue to pro-actively implement our Safety and Health policy through ethical conduct, consultation within the workplace and teamwork.

Carbone Bros have in place, and adhere to, an extensive Safety Management System which enhances customer satisfaction with peace of mind knowing that their project is being delivered in the safest possible manner.

Most of the staff employed by the company are multi skilled and are capable of handling various machines, this ensures a continuous flow of production and in the case of an absent employee, does not cause any delay in contractual fulfilment.

Carbone Bros also specialize in the supply and delivery of gravel, limestone and sand wich is mined and mixed in the company's own quarries.

What We Do
  • Fill Sand
  • Brickies Sand
  • Plastering Sand
  • White Sand
  • Gravel Rock
  • White Coarse Sand
  • Agricultural Lime 2mm
  • Gravel Road Base
  • Limestone Chips 37mm & 19mm
  • Limestone 19mm
  • Limestone 37mm
  • Limestone 75mm
  • Limestone Rubble 50-100mm all in
  • Limestone Rocks
  • Limestone Blocks
  • Washed Fines 5mm
  • Basalt 14mm (Blue Metal)
  • Basalt 20mm (Blue Metal)
  • Basalt 50mm (Blue Metal)
  • Gravel - Limestone Mix
  • Basalt Road Base (Blue Metal)