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Business Summary
Candida Stationery is a leading envelope manufacturer in Australasia.
About Us

Founded in Auckland in 1976, we are a privately owned family business. Almost 40 years on, we employ close to 200 staff and have branches across Australia and New Zealand.

Our commitment to delivering only the highest quality products means we are constantly investing in new technology. We are always looking for ways to improve and grow as a business.

We've always been big on really listening to our customers and their unique set of needs and then providing the best possible solution for them.

We recycle everything we can and have done since 1976. Because it's the little things (like how we use motion activated lighting) combined with the big things (like how we recycle all of our waste) that can make a real difference.

What We Do


  • Plain Stock Envelopes
  • Printed Envelopes
  • Custom Envelopes

Payment Methods
Bank Cheque
Direct Deposit
Money Order