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Civil Engineering Consulting Project Management Traffic Management, GEO Technical Advice
About Us
Civil Engineering Consulting

Our focus is to work closely with our clients in conjunction with our other service units to maximise the final value of the development by optimising the design and addressing any site issues in the most cost effective way.

Services provided to clients for land development projects include:

  • Feasibility studies and development analysis
  • Preparation of development applications and supporting engineering reports, including road network analysis and servicing requirements
  • Concept planning

Project Management

Company focuses on defining the client's requirements and objectives for the project and providing a comprehensive management service to ensure the best value for money outcome is achieved. Our Project Management delivery model ensures interface with Approval Authorities, Project Consultants and Contractors

  • Concept Development
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Development Approvals
  • Design Development
  • Contract Documentation
  • Project Implementation

Traffic Management

Did you know that working on the road is a high risk activity that is dangerous to both the general public and road workers? The public is at risk when there are inadequate precautions taken to enable them to safely negotiate work sites. Road workers are at risk due to their close proximity to moving traffic and work site construction vehicles and equipment

Geo Technical Advice

We provide a leading-edge capability in geotechnical engineering, covering the investigation, assessment and management of ground-related risks in the implementation, operation and closure of all forms of asset.

Our geotechnical engineers assist our clients to achieve best value from their projects, whilst minimising the risks of delayed completion, poor performance of the asset, financial loss and consequent impact

Structural Engineering

We provide consultation, design and documentation for projects of various sizes in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Our services cover residential buildings, offices, schools, universities, shopping centres, manufacturing buildings, food processing facilities, warehouses, marina structures, and more.

We offer expertise in developing new products, and can coordinate and supervise product testing.