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About Us
About Us

Established in 2001, we built our business on the good old fashioned family values of respect, dignity and courtesy. This has enabled CMS to expand from its Gold Coast base to become a major Strata, Facilities and Property Management service provider and employer of choice in our industry. We believe in excellence in customer service and our customers are treated as part of our business family.

We're also part of a bigger group. Cambridge Management Services is one of five companies who are part of Esquire Group. Offering services across Australia, together we form a formidable new force in property management.

Services We Offer

It is important for strata owners to realise that strata schemes, just like any other property or investment, need a more proactive management approach with a vision for the future. We call this 'sustainable strata' which is identified by three distinct areas:

1. The owners' vision for the future in terms of creating a sense of community

2. The long term protection and enhancement of the real estate asset value of the property

3. The carbon footprint or energy usage of the scheme over its life cycle

Our Clients

Hope Island, Queensland Hope Island Resort currently consists of over 1,600 residential lots and will grow to 1,989 on completion. In addition the mixed- use development includes a golf course, commercial facilities, a marina, sports and cultural amenities as well as residential services. Future development will include a hotel.

Macquarie Central, New South Wales Macquarie Central is a Community Scheme with 5 strata plans; total 618 lots on completion.

Comprehensive facilities management agreement. Mixed use development with medium and low density residential.

Why Choose Us?

Customer service excellence

We will always give you the very best in customer service. Our friendly team members are trained in all technical aspects of strata & building management and are ready to respond to your needs quickly and effectively. We'll even ask you for your feedback so we can continually improve the way we work to ensure we exceed your expectations each and every day.

Knowledge and experience

We have a strong track record in managing all types of strata systems with sites that range in size from just 2 lots to over 2000 lots. We're used to dealing with schemes involving multiple layers, members and shared services. So whatever your situation, we're ready to help and we’ll make your life easier.